At IDEA Academy, we are dedicated to creating and sustaining a vibrant connection among our graduates, students, and academic community spanning all campuses, both locally and internationally. We pride ourselves on orchestrating a variety of events that cater to academic growth, professional development, and social engagement.

We have created an online group for our graduates to keep in touch with our community of Alumni that make us proud everyday.

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Education for Life


Aligned with the strategic vision of IDEA Academy, our objectives endorse and enhance the reciprocal relationship between the Academy, its alumni, and the wider community. We are committed to:

  1. Cultivating a robust network among our members.
  2. Nurturing meaningful academic and professional bonds between the Academy and its alumni, enriching our collective experience and fostering a proud, interconnected community.
  3. Bolstering the synergy between IDEA Academy and its alumni through events tailored to meet the evolving needs and interests of both parties, including insightful talks and seminars.
  4. Advancing the global stature of IDEA Academy by leveraging media engagement and outreach initiatives.
  5. Supporting current and prospective students as well as fellow alumni by highlighting the array of opportunities presented through IDEA Academy’s diverse academic offerings.
  6. Providing career guidance, facilitating connections with student organisations, and endorsing various services to assist students in their educational pursuits.
  7. Offering insights for the development of new academic programs and contributing to the review of existing ones.
  8. Engaging in and contributing to research initiatives within IDEA Academy, helping to drive innovation and discovery.
Championing Connection & Advancement

The Alumni Committee

The IDEA Academy Alumni Committee is a passionate group of former students who dedicate their time and expertise to fostering a sense of community and continuity among our graduates. Acting as the liaison between the alumni and the Academy, the committee is instrumental in orchestrating initiatives that enrich both the alumni experience and the Academy’s educational landscape.

Members of the Committee:

  • Dr. Nadia Maria Vassallo
  • Caroline Campbell
  • Tonio Axisa
  • Alexei De Bono
  • Zied Ajmi
  • Rachel Spiteri
  • Gabriel Zerafa
  • Sasha Cauchi
  • Louisa Domenici



Exclusive Lifelong Learning Discounts

Benefit from special discounts on further studies, opening doors to new knowledge and skills.

Media Spotlight

Experience recognition on IDEA Academy’s diverse media platforms, showcasing your achievements and story.

Community Engagement

Join a community of practice, gaining visibility and making an impact at IDEA events.

Career Development Network

Explore various career paths, expand your professional network, and uncover new opportunities.

Sharing Expertise

Share your valuable insights as a guest speaker in study programs and symposia, influencing the next generation.

Join the Alumni Group

We have created an online group to keep in touch with our community of Alumni that make us proud everyday. Click below to submit your request to join our network of idealists, thinkers and game changers.

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