Insurance Courses


Discover comprehensive insurance courses designed to enhance your knowledge and expertise in the insurance sector. Our accredited programs cover a wide range of topics, including auto, health, life, and home insurance. Gain valuable insights on insurance policies, claims, coverage, and premiums. Elevate your career with industry-leading education from experienced instructors. Enroll today and unlock new opportunities in the dynamic world of insurance.

MQF Level 7

Explore our prestigious Masters Degrees in Insurance Studies, designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and advanced skills in the dynamic field of insurance. Our accredited programs offer specialised coursework, covering areas such as risk management, actuarial practice, behavioural finance, and digital transformation. Gain in-depth insights into industry trends, regulations, and emerging practices, preparing you for leadership roles in insurance companies and related sectors. With our experienced faculty and extensive industry partnerships, our Masters Degrees in Insurance Studies empower you to make a significant impact in this thriving industry.

MQF Level 6

Embark on a rewarding career in the insurance industry with our accredited Bachelor’s Degrees in Insurance Studies. Our comprehensive programs offer a strong foundation in insurance principles, risk assessment, policy analysis, and customer service. Explore diverse topics including advanced underwriting, new age risks, life and health insurance, and insurance product development. Our industry-experienced faculty guide you through practical case studies and internships, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in insurance underwriting, claims handling, sales, and more. Join our vibrant learning community and unlock exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving world of insurance.

Student-centric Learning

Supported by programme managers, lecturers and mentors, we focus on our students throughout their journey at the Academy.


Lecturers are hand-picked based on their mix of academic credentials and direct working experience in the industry.

Practical Learning Techniques

We value the professional experience of each student. With this in mind, we base our learning on the use of case studies, that are in turn approached from an academic perspective.

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