Research Partnerships & Collaborations

Our Research Partners

At IDEA Academy, we’re proud to collaborate with a diverse network of research partners, including leading universities, specialised research institutes, and forward-thinking industry leaders. Our university partners enrich our academic pursuits, offering access to extensive scholarly networks and top-tier facilities. Research institutes bring focused expertise and cutting-edge technology to our projects, while our industry collaborations ensure our research is grounded in practical applications. Together, these partnerships amplify our impact across various disciplines, driving innovation and excellence.

West Ukranian National University
State Tax University
Hospital das Clinicas UFPE
Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar
Baku Business University
EKA University Of Applied Sciences

Our Collaborations

Our research collaborations at IDEA Academy represent a commitment to interdisciplinary innovation and collective problem-solving. From sustainable urban development to groundbreaking healthcare solutions and cutting-edge educational technologies, our projects leverage the combined strengths of our partners. These collaborations not only advance scientific knowledge but also address real-world challenges, showcasing the transformative power of united efforts in creating a better future.

Universita Degli Studi di Verona
Vallda Associazione
Platon Education Schools
West Ukranian National University
Maria Regina College Qawra Primary
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