Training to Industry

Tailored Training Solutions

Empowering your talent's true potential

At IDEA College, we are thrilled to introduce five distinct services designed to elevate your workforce and drive success within your industry.

Short Courses:
Explore our diverse array of Short Courses meticulously curated to address the immediate training needs of your industry. These courses are power packed with relevant content, providing quick and impactful solutions to enhance specific skills.
Click here to discover how our Short Courses can elevate your workforce.

Bespoke Training Programmes:
At IDEA College, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice. Our Bespoke Training Programmes are tailored to the unique needs of your industry. From customised course outlines to sourcing expert trainers, we ensure a training experience that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.
Click here to learn more about how our Bespoke Tailored Programmes can empower your workforce.

Training Need Analysis (TNA):
Uncover the full potential of your workforce with our comprehensive Training Need Analysis. Together, we will identify organisational strengths, pinpoint skills shortages, and craft a strategic plan for targeted training investments.
Click here to delve into the transformative power of our TNA process.

Accredited Awards Training:
Leverage our Accredited Awards Training to propel your industry’s talent to new heights. Our programmes not only meet rigorous industry standards but also ensure that your employees receive recognition for their expertise.
Click here to explore how our Accredited Awards Training can set your workforce apart.

Student Placement Scheme (SPS):
Introducing the Student Placement Scheme (SPS) at IDEA College—an innovative initiative fostering dynamic synergies between academia and industry partners. This scheme serves as a tool for students to gain hands-on, holistic working experience, positioning them for success in their future careers.
Click here to discover how we can shape the future of the local industry through the Student Placement Scheme.

For partners interested in any of these services, we invite you to contact us with your details. Our team at IDEA College will promptly reach out to schedule an initial meeting, where we can discuss your unique needs, goals, and how our training services can be tailored to elevate your industry. Join us on this transformative journey as we shape a skilled, adaptable, and high-performing workforce together.

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