MQF Level 4 Award for Property Agent

MQF Level 4


Property Agents

Price  (Local/EU)
Part-Time: 4 months
Full Time: 2 months
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Course Description

This course targets primarily property consultants, sellers, administration and all individuals in general working in the real estate industry.

This course prepares students for relevant license to operate in the capacity property consultants, as mentioned in the White Papers entitled “Malta’s Property Code and Regulations”. Furthermore, this programme aims to increase employability of individuals interests to work in the real estate and construction industry.

The overall course objectives are:


Define, explain and discuss the following topics:

  • Permits required
  • Property rules
  • Promise of sale
  • Purchase/Letting/Lease contract
  • Valuations – Land registration act
  • ERA and PA legislations
  • Sales techniques
  • Contract laws
  • Anti-laundering legislation
  • Stamp duty and capital transfer tax/final withholding tax (for example: rentals)
  • Civil law as applied to contract/property legal matters (sales, use, commodatum, precarium etc.)
  • Verification of title and procedures related to civil law (including court procedures)


  • Negotiation
  • Decision making
  • VAT calculation
  • Keeping records of all stakeholders
  • Recording property details on relevant databases
  • Reviewing promise and contracts of sale
  • Understanding the difference in law between countries
  • Understanding anti-laundering legislation and civil law as applied to property legal matters


  • Assist in bank relations
  • Negotiate in a very competitive market
  • Record stakeholders information
  • Understand related PA and ERA legislation
  • Adapt to other communication styles
  • Manage own intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to stay effective
  • Apply relevant property tax to different types
  • Conduct customer due diligence
  • Writing SMART(er) objectives
  • Assist in applying money laundering and civil law procedures

Entry Requirements

Candidates who apply for this course must possess:

  • School leaving certificate, passed examinations in English Language, Maltese (or mother language if it’s a foreigner); and
  • Minimum age: 16+


  • 1 year of experience in relevant field

Target Audience

This course is targeted at:

  • Property Consultants
  • Sellers
  • Negotiators
  • Administration
  • Workers working in the real estate industry.

The target group can be extended to groups such as:

  1. Construction Companies
  2. Contractors and Developers.
  • Any person wanting to improve his/her employability opportunities
  • A person wanting to progress onto higher qualifications in the areas of management

Career Paths

This course prepares students for the relevant licence to operate in the capacity of real estate agents, property brokers and property consultants, as per the ‘Real Estate Agents, Property Brokers and Property Consultants Act’, enacted in 2020.

Furthermore, this programme aims to increase the employability of individuals interested in working in the real estate and construction industry.



You are required to complete all 4 compulsory modules (12 ECTS) to fulfil the requirements of this award.

How you’ll be assessed

On Demand, Online Learning, Tutorials and Case Studies

This is a part-time programme and will typically take up to 3 months to complete. The programme comprises a total of 4 Compulsory modules. The method of assessment is examination-based.

Our on demand lessons available via our e-learning toll gives you the convenience and flexibility to learn at your own pace and at a time that suits you. You will be provided with a live online tutorial for every module.




All modules of study will be assessed by means of an end of module exam.

Students will be instructed to sit for a 2 hour exam per module.

Summative Assessment: The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of each module by comparing it against module objectives.

The programme specific assessment criteria, ensures that students have met the programme learning outcomes and module outcomes reliably, validly and fairly (please refer to assessment criteria table)

The summative assessment strategy is designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of core theories as they relate to module specific objectives
  • The ability to apply models, theories and concepts to real-world scenarios
  • The capability of conducting research and presenting findings
  • The ability to critically analyse and evaluate information

Additional Info

Reading the entire MQF Level 4 Property Agent Award accredited at MQF/EQF level 4 as presented in this promotional brochure costs €600* paid at one go.

Upon successfully completing the course, students will be eligible to get 70% of their fees back through the ‘Get Qualified’ Scheme. **

*Prices are applicable to students who reside in Malta at the time of applying.

**Terms and conditions apply.

*** For the price of individual modules, please contact the IDEA Academy team.

Learning Outcomes

For Communication Skills:

The learner will be able to:

  • Communicate with a large variety of people at different levels within own organisation as well as external stakeholders.
  • Prepare and communicate information on complex contemporary issues in management, strategy and leadership to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

For Learning Skills:

The learner will be able to:

  • Be in a position to understand different concepts and ideas
  • Enhance their career by developing knowledge and understanding to systematically and creatively inform their management practices.
  • Understand the relevant tools and be motivated to continue learning, developing and reflecting throughout their careers.
  • Understand marketing strategies and apply relevant marketing models, theories and concepts.
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Kevin Borg

The road is rough and bumpy, but the satisfaction at the end of the journey is priceless. IDEA Academy administration, staff and lecturers made it feel more effortless than it looks. Success isn’t easy, but if you believe you can achieve it. No words can explain my gratitude for all the help and motivation provided throughout the course. It’s never too late to enrich your academic portfolio.

Kevin Borg

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