Top medical cannabis experts from McGill University to deliver short course in Malta

Top experts from the renowned McGill University in Canada will be delivering a short course that delves into the latest science and developments surrounding the use of medical cannabis.

There is still much misinformation about cannabis, leading to uncertainty from both the general public and healthcare professionals surrounding its potential use as a therapy, according to Carolyn Baglole, director of the McGill Research Centre for Cannabis.

“There is certainly increasing interest in cannabis as a potential medical product, as countries around the world legalise for this purpose,” Dr Baglole says.

“But it can be difficult to sort out fact from fiction – including information on those benefits that are still largely anecdotal, versus those where there is good scientific information to support its use.”

The short course will be delivered online in March through a collaboration between local higher education institution IDEA Academy, Malta Enterprise and McGill University.

The course, Dr Baglole explains, is designed to provide up-to-date information on cannabis as a whole; from the plant itself, to its chemical composition and how it works in the body, through to medical applications and even designing clinical trials.

“The purpose of this course is therefore to ensure participants come away with a comprehensive and solid knowledge foundation on cannabis that is based on scientific information.

“From an educational perspective, this means the most accurate information is being disseminated.”

Is lack of education in the field of medical cannabis one of the largest barriers to seeing a change in attitude and reduction in stigma?

Dr Baglole believes so.

“Lack of education is certainly one of the major barriers in reducing the stigma associated with medical cannabis. There is a general curiosity about medical cannabis, but for there to be an attitude shift, the conversation on this topic needs to increase at all levels.

“Incorporation of medical cannabis in the form of a course is one way to foster a discussion, thereby making the topic more mainstream.”

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