Medical and Surgical Care

MQF Level 5

12 Credits (ECTS)

Medical and Surgical Care

TBA 2023
Module Type
ECTS Credits
12 Credits (ECTS)
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Module Description

This module will enable you to gain and/or update you knowledge and skills on the ongoing Medical and Surgical advances, particularly since these skills are continuously being applied all throughout hospital settings. This module will also help introduce new concepts in medical and surgical settings.

This module focuses on the Maltese legislations related to the sector.



Target Audience

This course is targeted at:
• Nurses who are in possession of an MQF Level 4 (or comparable as per MQRIC) in Nursing, who need to upgrade their knowledge, skills, and competences in order to apply for registration with the Maltese Council of Nurses and Midwives as first level nurses.

• Non-EU trained nurses who are in possession of a minimum MQF Level 5 (or comparable as per MQRIC) in Nursing, seeking a bridging course to enable them to apply for registration with the Maltese Council of Nurses and Midwives as first level nurses.

Career Paths

The programme aims to get nurses who are non-EU nationals adequately trained so that they can register as first level nurses in Malta.


How you’ll be assessed

This programme is offered both on a full-time and on a part-time basis. It consists of 9 compulsory modules. Assessment is carried out via three mandatory components:
• lecturer-led sessions;
• 100 hours of supervisor-led simulation practice sessions;
• work placement amounting to 510 hours in a healthcare setting under supervision.


Module Intake Dates

TBA 2023

Reading for the entire Diploma in Health Sciences – Nursing Studies as presented herein costs €5,000.*

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible for a 70% refund of the cost through the ‘Get Qualified’ scheme.**

Due to the modular structure of the course, you may also opt to take individual modules as stand-alone. The entry requirements still apply.***

*Prices are applicable to students who reside in Malta at the time of applying.
**Terms and conditions apply.
*** For the price of individual modules, please contact the IDEA Academy team.

Learning Outcomes

1. Critically analyse and apply the principles of systematic patient assessment in medical and surgical settings based on advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.
2. Differentiate the underlying pathophysiological processes, aetiology and clinical manifestations relating to complex disease presentations in medical and surgical settings.
3. Critically appraise the evidence base underpinning safe and effective treatment, interventions and nursing practice in surgical and medical clinical environments.
4. Demonstrate evidence-based care to maximise health outcomes for patients in medical and surgical care setting, practising safe, effective, ethical, person-centred, holistic care; including identification and management of the deteriorating patient and health promotion.
5. Critically reflect on the communication and interpersonal skills required to work in partnership with patients, their families and with other professionals in a medical and surgical care setting, demonstrating effectiveness.

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