Optimizing your Digital Presence

MQF Level 5

6 Credits (ECTS)

Optimizing your Digital Presence

TBA 2023
Module Type
ECTS Credits
6 Credits (ECTS)
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Module Description

Digital presences are constructed around the specific needs and idiosyncrasies of two classes of users – a user who is attempting to accomplish some informational or transactional objective; and, search engines which parse the web to index (deindex), rank (penalise), and return pages ranked according to some mostly unknown set of criteria. The ranking is said to show the relevance of a page to the user’s search intention.   

The module introduces students to the principles and best practices of optimising a digital presence for these two classes of users.   

Students will be able to develop and implement a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plan and a related digital presence optimisation roadmap that will contribute to an organisation’s customer acquisition and revenue targets. The module will draw extensively and directly from Google, trade literature and the broader SEO expert community to provide students with real world examples, case studies, and problems they would encounter as a digital marketer.  

The module will be assessed through a hands-on project where students will apply their skills to a comprehensive SEO task. 

Entry Requirements

Candidates who apply for this course must be in possession of the following: 

  • a qualification at MQF Level 4 in subjects related to Mathematics, Science or Computing (minimum two ‘A’ Levels or equivalent);  


  • a pass in English at MQF Level 3 (‘O’ Level or equivalent). 


Preference is given to students having a Level 4 diploma in engineering or computing and an Alevel standard in mathematics 



Target Audience

This course is targeted at: 

  • individuals seeking academic and professional advancement in computing;   
  • mid-career break professionals looking for opportunities to return or change their career.  


Career Paths

The possible positions for which this programme aims to prepare for include, but are not limited to:  

  • database administrator 
  • IT technical support officer 
  • applications programmer
  • systems programmer
  • systems analyst 
  • programmer

How you’ll be assessed

You will complete a combination of written and practical assessments, which will vary depending on the module choices you make. You can expect to complete coursework and exams, as well as presentations and reports.


Module Intake Dates

TBA 2023

Reading for the entire Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computing as presented in this brochure costs €9,000.*  

The cost for the different exit points is as follows:  

  • Certificate in Computing: €2,000 
  • Diploma in Computing: €4,000 
  • Higher Diploma in Computing: €6,000 

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible for a 70% refund of the cost through the ‘Get Qualified’ scheme.** 

Due to the modular structure of the course, you may also opt to take individual modules as stand-alone. The entry requirements still apply.***  

*Prices are applicable to students who reside in Malta at the time of applying. 

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