Transparency of Beneficial Ownership

MQF Level 7


Transparency of Beneficial Ownership

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Module Description

This module delves into the importance of ascertaining who the ultimate beneficial owner is.

The issue of transparency of beneficial ownership has gained relevance over the last years. It plays a central role in tax transparency, and in ensuring the integrity of the financial sector and law enforcement efforts.

Tax evasion, corruption and money‑laundering are facilitated through the misuse of legal entities and legal arrangements. By using complex structures, the identity of the “true owners” of assets, including financial ones, and the true purpose of the assets and their origin can be hidden.

This module assesses these risks along with other aspects such as the threat from bearer shares or nominee shareholders or directors, or from entities, such as trusts, shell companies or inactive companies and other similar structures.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who apply for this course must possess one of the following:

• Level 6 Degree related to one of the following areas: Law, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Accounting, Governance, Business and Government Policy;


• Level 5 Diploma or Higher Diploma and 4 years’ work experience, preferably in a supervisory or managerial role;


• Level 6 degree not related to Law, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Accounting, Governance, Business and Government Policy and a minimum of two years relevant experience.

Target Audience

This course is targeted at people within the financial and banking sector, legal sector, governance sector, business sector, artificial intelligence sector, and other individuals seeking professional and academic advancement in the field of Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance.


How you’ll be assessed

The method of assessment is assignment-based.

The module comprises:

• 6 lectures;
• 3-hour lectures;
• 12 hours of online content, comprising synchronous online discussions, tutorials and/or videos.

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