Introduction to Elderly Care

MQF Level 4


Introduction to Elderly Care

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6 sessions
6 sessions
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Module Description

The primary objective of this module is to help you gain a better understanding of older adults and the concept of old age.

This module covers two areas: i. an introduction to elderly care and the concept of old age, and ii. aspects related to delivering personal care for the elderly (from an applied approach perspective).

The first part focuses on introductory aspects of elderly care, including challenges facing elderly persons and their caregivers, psychosocial issues and diseases and changes affiliated with the ageing process. Additionally, you will better understand how to employ tools used in holistic geriatric assessment and learn how to promote the physical health of elderly.

The second part focuses on those tools and tasks related to providing personal care for the elderly, including washing, going to the toilet, dressing, moving, eating and drinking. You will learn how to provide personal care designed to ensure that elderly people can retain their independence for as long as possible, and ensure that care is delivered with sensitivity, compassion and respect for people’s privacy and dignity.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who apply must be in possession of at least one of the following:


  • a pass in English Language and Mathematics;


  • an MQF Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (‘O’ Level or equivalent).

Target Audience

This course is targeted at:

  • candidates seeking a career and a formal qualification in elderly care;
  • candidates who wish to progress in their studies along the Further and Higher Education route, whilst broadening their chances of advancing in their own career path.

How you’ll be assessed

The method of assessment is assignment-based.


Additional Info

Reading for the entire Certificate in Elderly Care as presented in this brochure costs €2,000.*  

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible for a 70% refund of the cost through the ‘Get Qualified’ scheme.** 

Due to the modular structure of the course, you may also opt to take individual modules as stand-alone. The entry requirements still apply.***  

*Prices are applicable to students who reside in Malta at the time of applying. 

**Terms and conditions apply.  

*** For the price of individual modules, please contact the IDEA Academy team.  


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