M.Sc. in Healthcare Management and Leadership

MQF Level 7

Master of Science

Healthcare Management and Leadership

October 2023
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Course Description

This Master of Science in Healthcare Management and Leadership prepares you for higher leadership and management roles within the healthcare industry. It integrates a thorough grounding in advanced business management and healthcare theory and practice, with an understanding of the structure and operation of healthcare systems.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who apply for this course must possess one of the following:

a Level 6 degree in a related field;


a Level 5 diploma or higher diploma and 5 years’ work experience in a supervisory or managerial role.

Preference is given to applicants having a Level 6 degree in a discipline related to the healthcare industry and a minimum of 3 years’ work experience in management within the sector.

Target Audience

The programme is mainly targeted at:

  • nurses and midwives;
  • nursing managers;
  • ward managers;
  • clinic/department managers;
  • physiotherapists;
  • social workers;
  • doctors;
  • professionals allied to medicine, such as paramedics;
  • staff within the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries;
  • general managers without clinical qualifications.

Career Paths

The programme aims to prepare you for senior posts such as that of chief executive officer, managing director or head of department of any healthcare entity such as a hospital, clinic or ward, amongst others.


You are required to complete all 6 compulsory modules (36 ECTS), and only 4 elective modules out of the proposed 6 (24 ECTS), as well as the Dissertation (30 ECTS) to fulfil the requirements of this Master’s Degree.

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MQF Level 7

M.Sc. in Healthcare Management and Leadership

How you’ll be assessed

This is a part-time programme and will typically take 30 months to complete. The programme comprises a total of 10 modules. The method of assessment is assignment-based.

The course comprises:

  • 6 lectures per module;
  • 3-hour lectures (evening);
  • 12 hours of online content per module, comprising asynchronous online discussions, tutorials and/or videos.

The course also includes additional, specialised support to help you write your Dissertation, including classes on Qualitative/Quantitative data analysis tools, as well as Dissertation Workshops.


Course Intake Dates

October 2023

Learning Outcomes

The learner will be able to:

  1. Assess the functions of Management within various Healthcare organisations in relation to management theory.
  2. Critically analyse the opportunities to achieve strategic leadership development.
  3. Critically analyse Strategic Management processes, phases, benefits and barriers with a particular focus on Healthcare systems.
  4. Critically analyse Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Social Responsibility in Healthcare.
  5. Critically evaluate the importance of change management in a changing and dynamic Healthcare provision environment where competition is constantly increasing (especially in the private sector).
  6. Articulate the different roles of accounting and financial management in terms of their use in healthcare organisations.
  7. Analyse the importance and benefits of operations management in Healthcare.
  8. Critically analyse and compare studies of different operations systems design, planning and control systems, and quality management philosophies in relation to healthcare systems.
  9. Carry out research within the specialised field and develop the ability to criticize the research of other authors.
  10. Communicate the knowledge acquired from research to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
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Maria Borg

I learnt a lot from my lectures at IDEA Academy. I very much recommend IDEA Academy – help is found every time you need it and they are flexible, especially towards part-time students such as as myself. My message to prospective students is that it is never too late to start or continue studying.

Maria Borg

M.Sc. in Healthcare Management and Leadership

Aaron Refalo

My experience at IDEA Academy was exceptional. IDEA have their students at heart and they provide a high level of support. They walk alongside their students throughout the entire journey to make it possible for them to succeed.

Aaron Refalo

M.Sc in Healthcare Management and Leadership

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