Postgraduate Diploma in Retail Management

MQF Level 7

Postgraduate Diploma

Retail Management

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Course Description

This course has been designed to meet the growing needs of all those who work or intend to work within retail management, taking into account the current trends in the industry, namely: market structure, current and emerging retail channels, market innovation, technology development, marketing for the new realities within the retail industry and the ever-evolving regulatory environment.

It also provides you with the opportunity to tailor the programme to reflect your particular interests or career aspirations by choosing elective modules that focus on buying and merchandising, international retailing, the application of business intelligence in retail, franchising and retail negotiations.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who apply for this course must possess one of the following:

• a Level 6 degree;


• a Level 5 diploma or higher diploma and 5 years’ work experience in a supervisory or managerial role, preferably but not limited to the retail industry.

Target Audience

This course is targeted at:

• professionals seeking a management career within the retail industry;
• those working in management positions within retail or retail-related industries, and who wish to refine and improve their competencies and skills.

Career Paths

The possible positions for which this programme aims to prepare you for include, but are not limited to:

• retail manager
• visual merchandiser
• supply chain manager
• finance and accounting
• sales manager
• marketing manager
• commercial manager
• retail consultanto remove section from page.


You are required to complete all 7 compulsory modules and only 3 elective modules out of the proposed 5 to fulfil the requirements of this postgraduate diploma.

Retail Management Principles and Distribution Channels
Strategic Management of the Retail Environment
Retail Supply Chain Management
Financial Management for Retail
Managing People in Retail

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MQF Level 7

Postgraduate Certificate in Retail Management

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Retail Marketing
Research Methods
Buying and Merchandising
International Retailing
Business Intelligence in Retail
Retail Negotiations

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MQF Level 7

Postgraduate Diploma in Retail Management

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How you’ll be assessed

This is a part-time programme and will typically take 30 months to complete. The programme comprises a total of 10 modules. The method of assessment is assignment-based.

The course comprises:
• 6 lectures per module;
• 3-hour lectures;
• 12 hours of online content per module, comprising asynchronous online discussions, tutorials and/or videos.


Learning Outcomes

The learner will be able to:

1. Develop a deep understanding of the organisation or business unit in terms of its function and subsequent role within the channel of distribution in the retail sector.

2. Apply relevant strategy management processes in the context of organisational development of retail organisation.

3. Critically analyse the applicability of supply chain management systems in retail.

4. Critically analyse the financial environment within which retail enterprise operates.

5. Determine the key skills and competencies required to manage and develop the potential of employees to the mutual benefit of both the employee and the employer in support of the company’s business objectives.

6. Critically assess key marketing concepts, theories, and tools for analysing a variety of marketing situations and formulating marketing strategies in a retail context.

7. Carry out research within the specialised field and develop the ability to criticize the research of other authors.

8. Communicate the knowledge acquired from research to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

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