Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Management

MQF Level 5

Undergraduate Higher Diploma


TBC 2024
Price  (Local/EU)
Part-Time: 25 months
Full-Time: 15 months
ECTS Credits
120 ECTS
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Course Description

The aim of the Higher Diploma in Management is to provide participants with advanced management skills and knowledge needed to become an effective manager. The practical nature of this programme ensures participants are equipped to play a vital management role of any organization.

Participants will be equipped to interpret and synthesise information to confidently resolve complex issues which face today’s organisations. They will also gain a deep level of knowledge and understanding of current issues within Management for their immediate workplace application. It is designed on a modular basis to meet the needs of working professionals. 


  • Understand the main managerial issues associated with key business functional areas of managing people and organisations; finance; marketing; operations management; change and project management.
  • Define the leading and alternative theories, concepts and models in business and management.
  • Identify the critiques of and key debates within the study of business and management.
  • Describe the complex and interrelated nature of organisations and management practice.


  • Apply managerial functions such as planning, organising and controlling.
  • Design a marketing plan with a well-integrated marketing mix.
  • Use reward tactics to motivate employees.
  • Use segmentation methods to identify relevant target markets.
  • Set performance objectives and key performance indicators.
  • Prepare the company’s financial statements using the correct method and presentation.


  • Develop and implement management plans to improve processes within organisation, company or entity.
  • Supervise inclusion of communications and marketing policies.
  • Set occupational goals for oneself and others and execute them in a timely manner.
  • Propose a marketing plan.
  • Carry out the development and implementation of a manpower plan from 3 to 5 years.
  • Manage ethical concerns.
  • Monitor strategy implementation.
  • Deal with financial-based decisions.
  • Produce job appraisals for its employees.

Entry Requirements

  • A qualification at MQF Level 4 (one ‘A’ Level or equivalent in any subject) and a pass in English Language and Mathematics at MQF Level 3 (‘O’ Level or equivalent) and preference will be given to prospective applicants having 1 year work experience related to the study programme. 

 *Students whose first language is not English will be required to demonstrate English language capability at IELTS level 6.0 or equivalent.     

Target Audience

This course is targeted at people who wish to have a thorough background in management in order to progress further in their careers, such as:

  • Assistant Managers
  • Junior Managers
  • Working individuals who are aspired to become managers. 

The target group can also be extended to groups that have significant management experience but lack a formal qualification, such as managing directors and officers.

Career Paths

The programme aims to help you progress from first-level supervisory positions to higher managerial roles.


You are required to complete 17 compulsory modules (120 ECTS) to fulfil the requirements of this Higher Diploma in Business Management

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MQF Level 5

Undergraduate Certificate in Management

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How you’ll be assessed

This is a part-time course that will typically take 25 months to complete. The programme consists of a total of 17 modules. The method of assessment is assignment-based.

The course comprises:

  • 6 lectures per module;
  • 3-hour lectures (evening);
  • 12 hours of guided learning, presentations, comprising synchronous online discussions, tutorials and/or videos;
  • Self-study hours comprising research, reading and assignment work.



Level 5 Study Programme is assessed via Modular Assessment which carries 100% assessment weighting. The modular score achieved at the end of the study programme is calculated by summing up and working an average of the overall grades obtained in each of the study modules.

Modular Assessment

Overall assessment weighting for each module consists of: Assessment of each module consists of two assignments, each carrying a weighting as below:

a) One Formative assignment carries 20% of total module mark achieved. b) One Summative assignment carries 80% of total module mark achieved.

For successful completion of a study module the student is required to achieve a minimum of 41% pass mark in both the formative and the summative assignment.

The overall grade achieved for each module is calculated as the sum of: · 20% of the mark achieved for formative assignment; and · 80% of the mark achieved for the summative assignment.

  • Formative assessment

Tasks are provided in the form of structured online discussions that support learners in their development throughout all of the modules studied. Such discussions are facilitated and monitored by lecturer who provides students with constructive feedback to help them improve and prepare for summative assignment and dissertation. Formative assessment tasks will contribute to the student’s final mark to acknowledge their work and give chance to improve. This method allows students to also contribute to the building of the community of practice by providing feedback to their peers as critical friends, enhancing the learner’s critical engagement throughout the study period.

  • Summative assessment

Is done via one assignment at the end of each module. The mode of assessment varies and may include in-class assignments, and home-based written assignments using diverse assessment tools which may include case studies, reports, proposals essay titles and presentations, as applicable to the diverse modules.


Course Intake Dates

TBC 2024

Additional Info

The cost for the different exit points is as follows:

  • Certificate in Management: €2,000
  • Diploma in Management: €4,000
  • Higher Diploma in Business Management: €6,000

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible for a 70% refund of the cost through the ‘Get Qualified’ scheme.*

Due to the modular structure of the course, you may also opt to take individual modules as stand-alone. The entry requirements still apply.*

Learning Outcomes

For Knowledge:

The learner will be able to:

  • Formulate management reports in a timely manner.
  • Present action plans with the aid of information technology.
  • Communicate synergy maps with relevant stakeholders.
  • Synthesise data related to management to identify risks.
  • Formulate coherent arguments within an academic and contextual framework.

For Learning Skills:

The learner will be able to:

  • Proceed to address management problems and issues.
  • Evaluate own management strategy and identify own strength and weakness and modes of improvement.
  • Proceed by researching continuously to keep oneself up to date on any changes in the market, new regulations and new technology.
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Claudio Cauchi

After many years – probably too many – I accepted the fact that I had to improve academically in order to get better career opportunities, as experience alone was not enough.

I knew that juggling family, work and study commitments would be a challenge and therefore finding the right institution that could understand these realities was crucial for me to ensure that I would succeed.

IDEA Academy has indeed ticked all the right boxes. The lecturers were all very knowledgeable and, more importantly, they provided everyday life examples that we could relate to. I also appreciated the Academy’s administration. They were extremely supportive and were always willing to listen to our suggestions and address any queries in an efficient and timely manner.

Claudio Cauchi

Higher Diploma in Business Management

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